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Where to visit in Florida – 6 best cities

Susan B. Barnes
Published: January 22, 2021

Wondering where to visit in Florida? Most people travel to the Sunshine State for its beaches and, well, sunshine-filled days, and who can blame them? But let’s not forget about the cities that are found throughout Florida, each of which has its own reasons to plan a visit.

From Tallahassee on the Panhandle to Miami in southeast Florida, join us on a statewide tour of six of the best cities to visit in the Sunshine State.

Tallahassee, Florida. Photo credit: TACVB

Where to visit in Florida — Tallahassee

Let’s start in the state capital, Tallahassee. Though it is smaller than its city counterparts throughout the state, not only is Tallahassee the capital city, but home of Florida State University, too. Aside from its government and university buildings, plenty of outdoor activities are within close proximity to the city, including hiking, paddling, mountain biking and even horseback riding. The capital city should definitely be on your list of where to visit in Florida.

Jacksonville, Florida. Photo credit: Visit Jacksonville

Where to visit in Florida — Jacksonville

Travel east on I-10 from Tallahassee and you will run right into Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city at more than two-times that of second in line, Miami. Within the city that’s on the where to visit in Florida list you will find historic neighborhoods, a vibrant street art scene and plenty of dining and nightlife options to keep you going well into the night. Outside of its urban core, Jacksonville features 22 miles of beaches and an extensive park system that everyone will enjoy.

Miami, Florida. Photo credit: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Where to visit in Florida — Miami

There’s no doubt about it: Miami is definitely on the list of where to visit in Florida. About 350 miles south of Jacksonville, Miami is  known for its iconic South Beach, Little Havana neighborhoods and Wynwood Walls, among other attractions. Miami is a city where everyone is welcome, from those who want to be seen in the scene, to families who play on the sand, to art enthusiasts who tour the city’s myriad museums, to sports fans who are in town to see their favorite teams play. During a visit to Miami, it is easy to go beyond the expected.

Tampa, Florida. Photo credit: Visit Tampa Bay

Where to visit in Florida — Tampa

On Florida’s west coast sits Tampa, the third largest city in the Sunshine State. Tampa’s downtown district is evolving, complementing its already established areas such as historic Ybor City, which is a fun trolley ride from downtown. The miles-long Riverwalk runs along the Hillsborough River, which winds through downtown, and is terrific for walking, bicycling, or running – with sightseeing and dining along the way. There’s a lot to see and do in Tampa, which makes it a terrific place to visit if you’re wondering where to visit in Florida.

St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo courtesy of VisitStPeteClearwater.com

Where to visit in Florida — St. Petersburg

Across Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is another of Florida’s cities that takes advantage of its location right on the bay. A completely walkable city, browse myriad shops and art galleries and museums, and find plenty of restaurants and bars to pop into, too.

Orlando, Florida. Photo courtesy of Visit Orlando

Where to visit in Florida — Orlando

Known for its theme parks, Orlando is much more than thrill rides and cooling splashes. Take some time to explore the neighborhoods, such as Winter Park, College Park and Thornton Park. Of you are hungry, go over to Mills 50, just outside of downtown, for the best Vietnamese food in the city. 

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